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In Poland there is no market for singles and selling one album is considered to be a success. Everybody is responsible for such a situation mainly because we buy pirate rather than original versions. However, it is a cliche to say that albums are too expensive for a common Pole. It is a good time for singles become an attractive promotion for albums. A single provides us with an opportunity to get to know different versions of a song not available on the album. Muslee, through the Humaniztikz would like to change this stereotype, and that is why before the whole album titled Humaniztikz, appears succeeding singles are going to be released promoting the project. The 1 st single " La Disco ", which quest performance by MC Red, was released on 27.October 2003 edited by Asfalt Records ( www.asfalt.pl), which associates such a Polish artists as FISZ, ŁONA, or O.S.T.R.

"La Disco" tracklist:
1."La Disco" feat. Red, Platoon, Lady K. & Bartozzi 3:54
2. "La Disco" (Viniliztikz RMX Platoon'a) 4:07
3."La Disco" (Viniliztikz instrumental RMX Platoon'a) 4:03
4."La Disco" feat. Marcin "Nuta" Żurawicz (Smooth Guitar RMX) 4:20
5.* Bonus Track - Red/ Spinache "One love RMX" 4:38
6. "La Disco" - video